Drone Videos by Air Fox Photography Click on the image to play the video 

Drone Deer Recovery

Thermal drone DJI Matrice 30T finds a very nice buck 24 hrs after being shot.

Deer in snow

Drone Deer Herd Analysis

. Want to find out how many deer are on your property this is the most accurate way.

Deer and Big Game recovery

1 Thermal Drone Deer Recovery

Over 400ft up to 800ft

This is an interactive 360 degree video tour you can click on the links in the picture that will take you to different parts of northern Wi. All these pictures where taken over 400ft and up to 800ft. I have received multi-waivers from the FAA to be able to go up to 800ft. If you…

3D Dollhouse

3D Dollhouse feature in 360 Virtual Tour

This is an example of the 3D doll house in a 360 virtual tour package that I am offering.

Houghton Falls

Houghton Falls Washburn Wi

A 360 degree walk threw of Houghton Falls. Walk the trail all the way to the lake in full fall color.

Big Bay State Park Madeline Island/ Virtual tour

This is the start of a virtual tour of the Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island.

Virtual House Tour Moquah, Wi

This is a 360 degree interactive virtual tour of the house at 20830 County Hwy G Moquah Wi

White River Corn Maze

White River Ag Corn Maze fall of 2022

This is a walk threw of the White River Ag Maze. Click on the icons to move threw the maze.

Apostle Island 360 virtual tour

Benoit Community Center

Benoit Community Center/ Interactive 360 tour

 This is a fundraiser for the Benoit Community Center in Benoit Wisconsin. This school was part of the Ondossagon School system. To help support the Benoit Community Center Donations can be mailed to : Diane Smart 2801 Golf Course Rd Ashland Wi. 54806 

Foxes playing

2022 Show Reel

Some examples of what we can do with the drones.

Oulu Corn maze preview

Land for sale Bayfield County 360 degree view demo

Land demo 360 degree view

360 degree view of land

Oulu Corn Maze 2021 360 degree virtual tour.

. Oulu corn maze 360 tour. If you could not make it out here is your chance to go though the corn maze. Part of the fee will be donated to a worthy cause. Each number has a letter on it unscramble the letters to spell a phrase.

Northern Aged Iron Show 2021 360 tour

16th annual show Sept 18 &19 2021

Northern Wi fire tower Mellen

DNR fire tower south of Mellen wi

Cell Tower

A look at the cell tower

Pine Lake, Kathy camping trip in 360 virtual tour

Kathy’s camping trip in 360 virtual tour

Hunter Hagstrom Legacy Ride

Point to LaPointe swim Bayfield Wi 2021

The Point to LaPointe Swim is a 2.1 mile open water swim from Bayfield to Madeline Island in the beautiful waters of Lake Superior.

Memorial tribute to #444 Tanner Byholm ABC Raceway Ashland Wi,

A very fitting tribute to Tanner Byholm at at the ABC raceway in Ashland wi


Cletrac brought back to life.

Iron River Wisconsin 360 virtual tour

Iron River Wisconsin

Corn Maze Demo

360 virtual house tour

360 virtual house tour click on the icons and see what we can do for you AirFox can do this for your business also.

Ashland Wi annual Fire run 7 4 2021

Ashland Wi annual fire run that happens every year for the 4th of July this is drone video and ground video combined.

July 4th Independence Day

Interactive 360 Virtual Tour Washburn, Wisconsin

A work in progress click on a icon and it will take you to a different part of the city. I will be adding and updating this as time allows. Enjoy and have fun. If you want me to do something for your business like this use my contact link and lets talk about what…

Holy Family Church, Bayfield Wi 360 virtual tour

Holy Family church in Bayfield Wi. 360 degree virtual tour of the inside of Holy Family Church.

Sunrise with Pelicans

A beautiful sunrise with American white Pelicans

Northern Aged Iron Planting 6 5 2021

Every spring the Northern Aged Iron group get together for the spring planting of oats, corn and potatoes. This year again they will be selling the potatoes at the fall show which will be held Sept,18 and 19th 2021 in Highbrige Wi

Sunrise & American white pelicans on Lake Superior, Chequamegon Bay Ashland Wi

Started the day out with a wonderful sunrise and pelicans this it the 2nd year in a row that they have visited this area.

Apostle Island globe puzzle

This 7 inch diameter puzzle which snaps together with magnets.

Iron River Wi Lions Club Blueberry Festival 2019 part 1

Iron River Wi Lions Club BlueBerry Festival 2019 part 2

Tug and Barge leaving the coal dock in Washburn wi.

Washburn Wisconsin

Ashland School District drone demo

School District of Ashland drone demo. Some of the teachers are learning about drones so they can incorporate the drones into the studies at school. I am helping them set up a Stem program and learn the FAA rules and regulations that go along with the use of drones. Some of the classes that drones…

Apostle Islands

. Apostle Island National Lakeshore a 360 degree view of some of the islands.

Highbridge Mud Bog ’21

2021 Northern Pines Sled Dog Race in Iron River, WI

Northern Pines sled dog race 2021

Snowy Owl Chequamengon Bay

Snowy Owl sitting and flying around the Chequamengon Bay

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady threw a pine plantation

Washburn Wi ice caves

Ashland Ice Racing/ Tanner Byholm / Feature race / 2 21 21

444 is Tanner Byholm who lost his life this past week. Ashland Ice Racing had a tribute to him before the race on Saturday he will be missed by everyone.

Northern Pines Sled Dog Race /Iron River Wisconsin Feb 20,2021 time-lapse

. This is time lapse video of the day at the start line.

Ice road in the making Bayfield Wisconsin to Madeline Island

The ice road is between Bayfield Wisconsin and Madeline Island  LaPoint Wisconsin.

January 1st 2021 sunrise Washburn Wisconsin

Time-lapse of the sunrise on January 1st 2021 and the ice fishermen setting up at sunrise. On Chequamegon Bay , Washburn Wisconsin

Ice Fishermen crossing safely a Pressure Ridge on Lake Superior

White Tail Deer Time lapse

[smartvideo src=”https://youtu.be/O6z_ZDTNYAI” width=”1280″ height=”720″ responsive=true controls=true Time-Lapse 1min = 1 hr real time

Crane close look at

Winter and Pines

Bombardier moving snow

Snowy Air Currents

Madeline Island Wind Sled

Washburn Wisconsin time-lapse

White tail deer February 2021

45N-90W Geographical Marker

This unique spot is halfway between the Equator and the North Pole, a quarter of the way around the planet, and halfway between Greenwich Meridian and the International Date LineProclaimed “The Center of the Northwestern World” in the early 1970’s, the site was renovated in September of 2017 and includes a crushed gravel pathway lined…

Town of Kelly Grader

Whitetail Deer

Cell Tower inspection

Pelican Fishing

Gravel Pit blast Highbridge Wi

Mason Day Fireworks 2020

Vintage Snowcats Clowder


Julie Hansen Memorial Golf Scramble /2019

Last day of January ’21

Madeline Island Ferry

Washburn VaHellers Snowmobile Club/ Bill grooming

Ashland Fire Department /Dan B recuse sled

Windsled Bayfield wi

Washburn VaHellers Snowmobile Club groomer

Ashland Ice Racing Feature 1 24 21

Is a 3/8 mile oval track on Lake Superior, Chequamegon Bay, Ashland Wisconsin Full/midsize cars and trucks and also FWD are all welcome to join our fun on Sunday afternoons.

Northern Aged Iron Part 6

Northern Aged Iron Part 5

Northern Aged Iron Part 4

Northern Aged Iron Part 3

Northern Aged Iron Part 2

Northern Aged Iron Part 1

Board Across the Bay Washburn Wi

Washburn Chamber of Commerce Fall Bike Ride

Sled dog ride

Washburn Valhellers Snowmobile Club

Sandhill cranes

Corn Harvest

Schooner Huron Jewel/Drummond Island Tall Ship/Madeline Island

Schooner Huron Jewel/ Drummond Island Tall Ship/ Madeline Island

GLIFWC training on Lake Superior

Bike Across the Bay Washburn Wi 2020

Washburn EMS Dance

Washburn Trail and Beach

Frosty Outpost Fireworks 2020

Washburn Graduation Parade

Huron Jewel/Drummond Island Tall Ship/ Saxon Harbor

Deer and views of the Northland

Flag Display Popular, Wisconsin

Geese Flying