Interactive 360 Virtual Tours for Northern Wisconsin

Over 400ft up to 800ft

This is an interactive 360 degree video tour you can click on the links in the picture that will take you to different parts of northern Wi. All these pictures where taken over 400ft and up to 800ft. I have received multi-waivers from the FAA to be able to go up to 800ft. If you…

3D Dollhouse

3D Dollhouse feature in 360 Virtual Tour

This is an example of the 3D doll house in a 360 virtual tour package that I am offering.

Houghton Falls

Houghton Falls Washburn Wi

A 360 degree walk threw of Houghton Falls. Walk the trail all the way to the lake in full fall color.

Big Bay State Park Madeline Island/ Virtual tour

This is the start of a virtual tour of the Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island.

Virtual House Tour Moquah, Wi

This is a 360 degree interactive virtual tour of the house at 20830 County Hwy G Moquah Wi

White River Corn Maze

White River Ag Corn Maze fall of 2022

This is a walk threw of the White River Ag Maze. Click on the icons to move threw the maze.

Apostle Island 360 virtual tour

Benoit Community Center

Benoit Community Center/ Interactive 360 tour

 This is a fundraiser for the Benoit Community Center in Benoit Wisconsin. This school was part of the Ondossagon School system. To help support the Benoit Community Center Donations can be mailed to : Diane Smart 2801 Golf Course Rd Ashland Wi. 54806 

Land for sale Bayfield County 360 degree view demo

Land demo 360 degree view

360 degree view of land

Northern Aged Iron Show 2021 360 tour

16th annual show Sept 18 &19 2021

Northern Wi fire tower Mellen

DNR fire tower south of Mellen wi

Pine Lake, Kathy camping trip in 360 virtual tour

Kathy’s camping trip in 360 virtual tour

Iron River Wisconsin 360 virtual tour

Iron River Wisconsin

Corn Maze Demo

360 virtual house tour

360 virtual house tour click on the icons and see what we can do for you AirFox can do this for your business also.

Interactive 360 Virtual Tour Washburn, Wisconsin

A work in progress click on a icon and it will take you to a different part of the city. I will be adding and updating this as time allows. Enjoy and have fun. If you want me to do something for your business like this use my contact link and lets talk about what…

Holy Family Church, Bayfield Wi 360 virtual tour

Holy Family church in Bayfield Wi. 360 degree virtual tour of the inside of Holy Family Church.

Interactive Virtual Tour of Oulu Corn Maze

Interactive Virtual Tour of Holy Family Church Bayfield, Wisconsin

Interactive Virtual Tour of Washburn, Wisconsin